Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great Prim Cabinet

I really LOVE this cabinet. It is darling from the outside with a tin mustard door, and when you open it, it does not disappoint! I thought it may be a dye cabinet, but the drawers threw me. Another dealer I showed it to thought it could have been a railroad cabinet of some sort. Whatever it is, it is fabulous! I think it would be the perfect storage for scrapbookers, sewers, office supplies, or even a great little side table by a chair. It really is perfect.

The prim dolls are completely handmade by a folk artist out of Nebraska City, Paula Conner. They are so prim and wonderful. They are also available at my shop. Paula makes such great things, I can't wait to get her Christmas and Winter goods in for the Christmas Gathering on November 19th and 20th!