Monday, July 26, 2010

Beverly Hillbilly

Yesterday I visited one of my favorite places, Howie's. I came home with this truckload. This picture is proof that Howie has truly earned his nickname, The Master Roper! All of this will be in the shop today, with the exception of an amazing apothecary cabinet and pegged top table. Both have found a cozy spot in my house :) I will post pictures of them soon.

For the shop I picked up a cute little green what not shelf (that's it on the top of the pile). I am going to attach a wainscoting back to it. I also got lots of neat drawers, a wire basket, a couple awesome gentlemen's drawers off a dresser, a harvest table (in pieces), and breadboards. I am so excited about these great finds!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Candles

I have been running pretty low on candles, but I got more in. I even got some yummy new scents that we haven't had before. I also got some fresh batches of rosehips. The rosehips are $12/bag.
The candles prices are:
1 for $13.00
2 for $22.00
3 for $30.00
Large- $24.00

The minis last for about 100 hours, the quarts for at least 200 hours, and the large jars are about 300 hours. They burn right down to the very bottom!

Great Big Bin

Just thought I would post a better picture of the bin I keep talking about.

Real Redware

I have started to carry a few pieces of "real" redware. I say real because it is made by folk artists here in the good old US of A. I have some Ned Foltz, Wisconsin Pottery, as well as a few antique pieces. Come check it out. Make sure to check out the bottoms of the Wisconsin Pottery, sometimes if you get lucky, the artist will leave a special treat :) I also have a catalouge of additional items available from Wisconsin Pottery. You can order simple slip designs, as well as fancy slip and sgraffito.
You can preview some of the Wisconsin Pottery available for order HERE

Restocked & Rearranged

I promised a few days ago to get pictures of my favorite new items in my shop, in particular the most awesome bin! I also have gotten some great new smalls, and a wonderful cabinet FULL of drawers. I have also been really busy getting the garage open for all of my wonderful customers. Now we have an extra 700 square feet for shopping! There are so many things that deserve a place in the shop, but I am just running out of room. Now they have found a home in the garage, an equally fantastic space.

I have quite a few projects I want to get done this week. For starters, I would like to finish just one of my flour sack slip covers. I would also love to get this cute little green nightstand glued, nailed, and cleaned up. It is going to be one of my favorites when it is done! I'll keep you posted on how that little piece is coming.

Make Sure to check out our facebook page for all of the new pictures of the shop, there are lots!

Grungy Candles...yum

Tonight I spent the last few hours making these wonderful candles. I made battery operated tealights, votives, and some pillars. All of them smell so wonderful! The tealights are scented with cinnamon and cloves. I made three scents of votives; spiced cider, pumpkin crunch cake, and applejack. The pillars are equally yummy, pear pecan cobbler. My house smells SO GOOD! These goodies will be sold at my shop.

Tealights- $3.00
Batteries for Tealights- 2 for $2.00
Votives- 2 for $4.00
Pillars- $5.00

Saturday, July 17, 2010

"New" Items in the shop get me so inspired!

I just brought a ton of new items into the shop, and got so inspired! I rearranged the whole shop, not I just have to get busy and get it all priced! I brought in a really neat grain bin that is HUGE! Biggest bin I have ever seen. It is a grayish blue and cream. I will try and get pictures up by Monday.

I have scheduled the Harvest Gathering show for October 2nd from 9-5. I already have lots of great dealers coming, and many more interested. So far I have dealers bringing primitives, pumpkins, gourds, fresh cut sunflowers, barb wire pumpkins (these are to die for), and concrete pumpkins. I can't wait!!! Fall is my favorite time to decorate, followed very closely by Christmas!

My super sweet hubby came to the shop today and began the attack on the killer weeds. It took over an hour to do just the front, tomorrow we tackle the back. We could use some prayers and positive thoughts for that. They are out of control.

As a side note: don't forget that our 4th of July and Paul Jamieson prints are 25% off!

See you soon, and Happy Nesting :)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Goings On...

Lots of things have been happening at Nelly's Nest. My inventory is now BURSTING full, so the garage has been opened to accommodate all the great new goodies. I have also started carrying a select assortment of folk art Redware, for all of you that love the real stuff :) I am also happy to say that I have set the date for our Fall Show, October 2nd. More info to follow. I can tell you that we will have a handful of great dealers set up, as well as Simply Bungalow next door! It is going to be a really great show!

For those of you that like bargains, all Fourth of July items are now 25% off. Come in soon, to snag a great deal. We still have one Uncle Sam folk art bobble head, they were a favorite this year.

As always, we have a room full of woolens waiting for you to hook, applique, or use for the perfect runners. Lots of our scraps have been bundled and are being sold for great prices! So next time you are in, make sure to check out the "wool closet".

See you soon, and until then Happy Nesting :)