Monday, November 28, 2011

Garlands...a decorators best friend!

I use my basic burlap garland at home ALL the time!  This season I have gotten in a few variations of the burlap garland.

It is great on a tree or hung in a swag with greens, but there is so many more creative uses!  Here are some of my favorite ways to use it...

My go to way, around a chair with greenery and an ornament. Here I used the jute garland with a sprig of fresh greenery and a wax boot ornament. At home I have also done this for an Autumn themed dinner party with basic burlap garland and wild sunflowers.
Who is going to toss this wrapping in the waste friend of mine!

If you don't have a festive runner, turn one of yours over and simply lay the fabric garland of your choice down the center. Add a fun centerpiece, and you have a festive tablescape your guests (and you) will love!

In the shop, I usually use homespun to tie back the curtains. This was a nice change. You could also add a single ornament, sleigh bells, or greenery. Just get creative!  This can be used on any textile, not just burlap.  Use the basic burlap garland on a solid drapery for immediate contrast of colors and textures. 


  1. Love your ideas especially on the chair!

  2. LOVE LOVE the look...good job and that is a sweet sofa too, just the size.
    Merry Christmas