Saturday, July 24, 2010

Restocked & Rearranged

I promised a few days ago to get pictures of my favorite new items in my shop, in particular the most awesome bin! I also have gotten some great new smalls, and a wonderful cabinet FULL of drawers. I have also been really busy getting the garage open for all of my wonderful customers. Now we have an extra 700 square feet for shopping! There are so many things that deserve a place in the shop, but I am just running out of room. Now they have found a home in the garage, an equally fantastic space.

I have quite a few projects I want to get done this week. For starters, I would like to finish just one of my flour sack slip covers. I would also love to get this cute little green nightstand glued, nailed, and cleaned up. It is going to be one of my favorites when it is done! I'll keep you posted on how that little piece is coming.

Make Sure to check out our facebook page for all of the new pictures of the shop, there are lots!

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