Monday, December 13, 2010

CHRISTmas sale and New Winter Hours!

Lots going on at Nelly's Nest. First, Nearly all Christmas Decor is 20% off. This includes garlands, ornaments, decor, & folk art! Please stop in this week during my new Winter hours, Wednesday or Friday 12:30-5:00 or Saturday 10:00-5:00. I have so much going on right now so the hours are limited, HOWEVER, please don't hesitate to call ANYTIME if you would like to stop by! I can be reached at 402-310-7355. One thing I am excited for is the Cabin Fever antique show and sale. Please stop by my booth at the Lancaster Event Center January 8-9.


  1. Oh how I wish I lived closer or that I could come and visit your shop. It looks so neat, and I see so many things that would look just right here in my home! ;)
    But, being in would be quite a road trip! :)

  2. Tarrah,
    If you see anything you just have to get your hands on, email me with questions. :) I could ship the smalls!

  3. Think I have to come today, and I'm so excited for Cabin Fever! I'll actually be off from shows that month so I can SHOP!

  4. Sarah, hope you can make it in! I am getting so excited for the show to!