Monday, December 12, 2011

Quick Change

I love our living room furniture we purchased back in June, but it needed a little pick me up.  I still had the pillows that came with it, I just hadn't found any toss pillows that I really loved yet.  A couple nights ago, I was staring at my living room wondering WHY I didn't like it.   I liked my furniture, my rug, my cabinets, antiques, everything...except the pillows!  I take that back, I do like them, but they were to matchy matchy on the sofas.  I scanned my room, and borrowed from other areas, and this is what I came up with.  It only took me about five minutes, and now I can use the original pillows on my leather chairs downstairs.  Change doesn't have to take a lot of time, or cost a lot of money. 
The proof is in the pictures...

This is my couch before.  I love the brown and creme tweed pillows, they just were too matchy matchy.  So I scanned the room.  Here's what I came up with... 

I left the brown herringbone pillows that match the couch.  I guess they are really more of a mocha, but anyway.  Then I borrowed this great wool blanket from the chair.  I had a couple of old blue ticking pillows tucked in a basket.  This one found a cozy home right here. 

The other blue ticking pillow got tossed on my loveseat with this cream throw.

I love the simple result and added color of the blue ticking.  If you aren't happy with a certain area of your home, try sprucing it up with simple things you may already have. 


  1. Hi Janelle, I know what you mean, I never like the pillows that come with the couch, been looking for the right pillow for years now. I finally found some pillows in a homespun and added a throw, just perfect. Love how yours turned out, really made a difference. Vicky

  2. Thanks Vicky! I love how it turned out too.

  3. Hi Jan ~~ Love your Blog ... took a little trip around .... Oh the Fall Post was right up my alley !! :-) Thanks for visiting me an leaving a nice comment. Hugs ~ Connie xox